born 1947

The battle between good and evil Village in winter Wedding meal Harvest time


Eugeniusz Brozek was born in a small village in the centre of Poland. His parents possessed a small farm and also worked in the local brickyard.
After the elementary school Brozek followed a lower technical education to become a miner. After two years in the mine he became a factory worker. Because of his critical sense and tendency to express his opinions straightforward he had a career of twelve jobs and thirteen accidents. He moved to the town of Sosnowiec where he acquainted a female painter. Her abilities stimulated him to start painting himself. He developed a complete own style which often regards nostalgic village scenes (parties, weddings, quarrels about a piece of ground, etc.). Around 1975 he moved back to the region where he was born.
He received national recognition as a nonprofessional painter and has won rewards in many contests.

Source: Aleksander Jackowski: "Sztuka zwana naiwna; zarys encyklopedyczny tworczosci w Polsce". Warszawa 1995. pp. 34-35.

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