Born 1948

Desktrojka Climbing on the beach Courtjester in agony Return of the lost son Race of the directors After the battle Cheers Couple with wooden leg


Jaroslaw Miklasiewicz was born in Poznan (Poland). After finishing a secondary technical education he started working as a technician. In his spare time he started painting and improved his abilities by studying artbooks and by frequenting galeries and museums. Since 1987 he lives from the revenues of his paintings.
In his paintings he shows himself as a mild and sometimes ironic witness of his time. Like a modern Breughel he often depicts the absurdity of contemporary industriousness. His skills are impeccable, precise and evidently inspired by the Flemish masters.
He had many individual expositions and received several important prices. He work is present in various museums and in private collections.

Source: Aleksander Jackowski: "Sztuka zwana naiwna; zarys encyklopedyczny tworczosci w Polsce". Warszawa 1995. pp. 126-127.

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