1915 - 199?

Sanatorium in spring Nightmare in Bukowiec Death march Monster and death in Bukowiec Sanatorium in destruction New Year's eve in Bukowiec The kingdom of dr Gardulski Sanatorium extraterrestrial Sanatorium in quiet


Bruno Podjaski was born near Stargard Gdanski (Poland). After the elementary school he worked as a stoker. In 1968 he appeared to have tuberculosis and was sent to a sanatorium in a village in the south of Poland called Bukowiec. There he met Jozef Gielniak a famous Polish painter who also had TB. Gielnak taught him to paint and had a very important influence on his work. Both men stayed for many years in the sanatorium; Gielniak died and Podjaski recovered. After his dismissal as a patient the sanatorium appointed Podjaski as a gardener.
The peak of Podjaski’s skills are especially expressed in his sanatorium paintings. They show us extraordinary, touching and imaginative evidences of live and death in the sanatorium.

Source: Muzeum Slaska Opolskiego. "Nieprofesjonalna plastyka na Slasku.Malarstwo. Rzezba".

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