1922 - 1988

Canal houses with barges Skyline of Poznan Horse-sleigh in snow-clad Poznan Townscape with advertizing column Townscape with canal Townscape with signpost Crowned Jesus Christ Jesus Christ with candles


Zygmunt Warczyglowa was born in Poznan (Poland). He was from a worker’s family (his father was a precision mechanic) and had seven years of elementary schooling. During the war, he was sent to forced labour in Germany. Returning to Poland after the war, he worked as a fisherman, later as a labourer and from 1952 to 1964 as a streetcar driver in Poznan. Illness obliged him to take a disablement pension in 1964. During the war, he began to paint "in order to forget". He preferred small formats and uses ink, chalk and gouache. Since 1966 he has had about ten one-man shows in Poland and has participated in Polish exhibitions of naive art abroad. He died in 1988. His works are in the collections of the Etnographic Museums in Warszawa, Cracow and Poznan.

Source: Bihalji-Merin & Nebojsa-Bato Tomasevic: "World Encyclopedia of Naive Art". London 1984. p. 607.

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