1913 - 1984

Village party in Katowice Change of the miner's shift Taking photographs Flying kytes Sunflowers Dancing Playing billiards Funeral of a miner


Pawel Wrobel was born in Szopienice in Silezia (Poland). Because his unmarried mother was very poor his education was limited to three classes of the elementary school. On the age of 10 years he started working as a miner.
In his paintings he gives much more colour and intensity to the grey miner’s life than it has in reality. He depicts us in detail the town and village-scenes, social life, parties, weddings and funerals.
Almost from the very beginning his art was received with great enthusiasm and he became very popular. His paintings are present in the important Polish museums and in collections in Poland and abroad. The Polish television made some very interesting documentaries over his person and art. These successes went somewhat to Wrobel’s head. He started drinking more and more and even claimed that he had an exposition together with Picasso in Paris.

Source: Aleksander Jackowski: "Sztuka zwana naiwna; zarys encyklopedyczny tworczosci w Polsce". Warszawa 1995. pp. 222-223.

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